Consignment Pricing

How Items are Priced

We determine our final pricing when the item has been in our store and can be looked over and evaluated based upon condition and other factors.

Pricing is determined with research, our knowledge of previous sales and working with the consignor. Determining factors for assessing value are age, condition, and current relevance along with the market for that category. We will not take merchandise that we feel is over priced or in poor condition or that we feel will not sell within the term of the agreement. Our ultimate goal is to use our knowledge about our market to price items properly so that they sell in the first 30 days they are here. That does not mean under pricing. We are very aware that we are trying to gain the best price for an object for the consignor, however, when items are over priced they tend to sit and go through their contract reductions which ultimately leads to a lower sale price which means less to our consignor as well as the store. Proper, aggressive pricing is the most profitable for both Encore and our consignors.

Consignor will approve pricing within 24 hours after Encore Interiors advises pricing via email if not approved at the time of delivery. If consignor does not reach us with approval, merchandise will be placed for sale priced at our discretion.