Our 25,000 square foot showroom allows us to accept a large amount of consignment items and display them in an uncluttered gallery like setting. The staff at Encore Interiors is welcoming and friendly and will do everything possible to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

Everyone here (including our delivery team) strives to make our customers experience more than they expect. We greet everyone that walks in the door with with a heartfelt 'Hello'. Our staff is here to make the shopping and consignment experience pleasant, easy, and without any pressure, or attitude. As consignees, we truly want to go home each day feeling that we did our best for everyone we interacted with that day. Many of our customers have told us they come by just to say 'Hi' and chat a bit.

We can be reached at (954) 727-5759

Open 7 Days Per Week

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Our Fort Lauderdale location is great for what we are doing. We are centrally located in South Florida and have established a reputation of fair dealing, superb merchandise, and good pricing. Superb merchandise does not always mean the highest end manufacturer. We will accept merchandise from any end of the home furnishings spectrum, as long as it is in great condition or lightly used, without any stains, odors (smoking, pets, etc.) or noticeable defects, and can be priced appropriately.

Our consignors and buyers appreciate the care we take in displaying their merchandise in the store. Often times we have consignors stop by and tell us how much they like their furniture with the other items we have paired them with. Buyers appreciate that while there is a lot of merchandise to see, it’s arranged in a way that feels as if they are in a furniture showroom not a thrift shop. There are little treasures and designer items to find everywhere, but the store does not feel cluttered. We clean everything that comes into the store and keep it clean until it sells.