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Why Consign with Us? n

Consignors prefer to consign with Encore Interiors consignment gallery in South Florida because we get you the best price and turn your merchandise around very quickly among many other reasons.

All you have to do is walk through our doors and all of your questions will be answered! With 7-14 consignment appointments daily for smaller items (we limit appointments for smaller items to 25 items or less so that we can complete the consignment process with you before you leave), and our pick/up and delivery trucks running 5 days a week...yep, that's right, that typically means over 1000 new items weekly for consignment shoppers to see. And with a weekly turnaround of 50%+ it’s the most active consignment gallery in South Florida.

We are fortunate in continually getting unique new pieces in fabulous condition and people have learned that things don’t hang around too long. The piece you fell in love with today someone eyed up yesterday and may be taking with them this afternoon. Also, we are busy throughout the year. Our business does not ebb and flow with season so all year is a great time to consign or purchase at Encore.

We take great care in setting up the showroom gallery to display all of your consigned home decor items in a showroom like setting. While your piece may not seem to take center stage today, the floor is always moving, being rearranged and your piece is always an intricate part of the puzzle. From a shopper's experience.... our merchandise changes rapidly and there is always a substantial amou nt of new items to be seen. Many customers come back daily so they don't miss any new finds.We aklso have a large number of dealers and designers that shop the store for their clients on a continual basis.

With Living room vignettes, Dining room table settings, cabinet displays and creative accessorizing not only is our consignment store a great place to shop, but we have many customers that come in weekly and browse for decorating ideas. Once they have gotten all the big pieces they come back for the little items that pull it all together! So with all these great items and all of our wonderful return customers someone is bound to see your piece and fall in love with it just as you did.

Consignment is a GREEN alternative that actually helps save our planet and our customers pocketbook.